JCM4 series electromagnetic driven diaphragm metering pump
1 electromagnetic drive design, simple structure.
2 suitable for explosion-proof occasions, explosion-proof grade I, II, protection level IP65, temperature class T6.
3 manually adjust the output flow, but also accept external 4-20mA signal to adjust the flow.
4 with remote on / off control function.
5 "low level" off pump and alarm output.
6 with continuous no memory, no battery.
7 with RS485 communication interface, the standard Modbus R U communications, can be directly access to DCS or FCS system, remote control computer.
8 kinds of material pump head can adapt to different corrosion resistance requirements.
Fluorine composite diaphragm can be suitable for various application requirements.
The outlet is connected with the multifunctional valve set pressure. Anti siphon. Back pressure and help start in one.
Easy to install, with foot valve, injection valve and import and export hose.
  • Maximum rated flow
  • Can be made into multiple parallel use
  • Adaptive medium temperature
  • Over flow parts optional material
    304, 316L, No. 20, Hastelloy alloy, ceramics, etc.
  • Stroke speed adjustment range: 0-100 / min (the number of strokes per minute).
    Optional internal (manual) or external control mode.
    The response slope value of the mA input signal can be adjusted.
    The input pulse signal by removing (1-999) / operation.
    Batch function optional.
    Control panel key lock function to prevent misoperation.
    "Low level" off pump and alarm output.
    Programmable flow monitoring and alarm output.
    6 stage pressure control.
    With no loss of memory, no battery.
    Remote on / off control.
    Pulse output.
    Automatic line voltage compensation and overvoltage protection.
    Menu can be set to select functions or parameters.
    RS485 communication interface, the standard Modbus RUN communications, can be directly connected to the DCS or FCS system, remote control computer.